I did my first yoga class in Goa in 2010. Since then I’ve been doing yoga on and off. Sometimes more off then on. The benefits I feel after doing yoga are tremendous. My body is more flexible, my mind is relaxed. Yet why is it so hard to do something that you know benefits the body so much? I know how good I feel after a class, my body screams thank you. Yet I will go for a glass of wine with a friend in a heartbeat . However doing something good for my body and I’m like yeah that can wait. I see people walking up and down Arbour hill with their mats and I think yes, tomorrow I will start back. Tomorrow passes then the next day then the next. Why am I avoiding my mat? It’s clearly winking at me, saying hello stranger, it’s been a while. Use me!

It takes until I feel quite low and for something to click and almost force me out the door (especially on a cold, rainy day) to restart my healthy habit. Lunchtime yoga 1pm to 2pm, hatha nice and slow. I’ll ease myself in nice and gentle. I enter the familiar room, smelling of incense. I recognise some friendly faces.I  stand on my mat. My breath is slow and deep as if this familiar surrounding automatically slows it down. My feet are grounded, I don’t feel guilty for my leave of absence. Instead I feel grateful.

Moving from downward dog into plank I wonder ” yoga, where have you been all these weeks”. A powerful, yet gentle class everyone falls into a 10 minute savasana. My mind wanders and I let it. All of a sudden I’m woken to an aum. I feel more balanced promising to return the next day. I skip up Arbour hill with my mat in tow, delighted with myself for doing something rewarding for my body. If you’re looking at me with my mat thinking I’ll start tomorrow, let me give you a piece of advice……start Today!


This course is recommended for students of all ages and fitness levels. This 4 week course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of Hatha yoga.

Throughout the course participants will learn key yoga poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditative (dhyana) techniques to help increase energy levels, improve flexibility & promote a feeling of well being.

Dates: 13th Oct,  20th Oct, 27th Oct  &  3rd of Nov. From 7 to 8pm.

€40 for 4 weeks or €12 drop in.   Ph: 087 9262054


Course is being held in Jaja Studios, 1 (b) Cowper st, Stoneybatter. D.7

Please bring a yoga mat, water and a warm blanket.


Location: Phoenix park (by the bandstand)

Day & Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm every Monday (except Bank holidays).

Yoga Style: Hatha yoga flow

What to bring: Yoga mat & water.

All welcome.

Ph/ text 087 9262054 for more info.


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